Board of Directors

Mr Antony Sage

Non-Executive Chairman

Mr Antony Sage has in excess of 30 years experience in the fields of corporate advisory services, funds management and capital raising.  Tony Sage is based in Western Australia and has been involved in the management and financing of listed mining companies for the last 18 years. Mr Sage has operated in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Romania, Russia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, Congo, South Africa, Indonesia, China and Australia

Mr Sage is currently  Chairman of ASX-listed Australian companies, Cape Lambert Resources Ltd and Cauldron Energy Ltd. Mr Sage is also a Non-Executive Director of ASX-listed company European Lithium Ltd; and National Stock Exchange of Australia (“NSX”) listed International Petroleum Ltd.

Mr Mark Gwynne

Executive Director

Mark Gwynne has been involved in exploration and mining for over 20 years and has held management positions on mines sites and in the service sector of the mining industry, including general manager of an exploration consultancy. Mr Gwynne has extensive skills in exploration and mining logistic and management, as well as acquisition and divestment of mineral assets. Mark Gwynne is also a Director of ASX Listed Iron Mountain Mining Limited and Cauldron Energy Ltd.

Mr Nicholas Sage

Non-Executive Director

Mr Nicholas Sage is an experienced marketing and communications professional with in excess of 25 years in various management and consulting roles. Mr Sage is based in Western Australia and currently consults to various companies and has held various management roles within Tourism Western Australia. Mr Sage also runs his own management consulting business.